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How Do I Use TripJammin?

Sign Up & Create a Profile

The first thing you need to do is sign up and create a basic profile, so you have a presence on the site. Creating a profile allows you to communicate with other members, view other members' profiles and trips, add your own trips, add photos to the Vacation Photo Gallery, recommend venues/places/businesses, etc. Once you have created your basic profile, you can optionally add profile photos, physical characteristics, favorite activities, and a self summary by going to the "Edit My Profile" link in the main menu.

Although it's not enforced, you should add at least one profile photo and fill in the optional information... your profile will look much better, and profiles with more information get more attention!

Add Your Trips

After you have created a profile, you can add your trips. A "trip" can be anything...a day-trip, an outing, an overnight trip, a vacation out of the country, a cruise, etc. Remember...when you've planned a trip, add it! This is a very important concept. Adding your trips does the following:

  • It allows people who live in the destination to find you and message you (if you choose to allow it).
  • It allows you to match your trips with other peoples' trips, and vice versa, so you can communicate with other singles/couples/families that will be there at the same time.

Trip Privacy: When you add or edit a trip, you can set the "Trip Privacy" option, which determines whether or not the trip will appear in search results when members use the search feature. Each trip has it's own privacy option, so you have complete control over who will be able to see each trip entry. You can also keep notes about each trip, which is for your eyes only.

To manage your trips, simply click on "My Trips" in the main menu, where you will have the option to view, edit, and delete your trips.

Profile Privacy: When you create or edit your profile, you can set the "Profile Privacy" option, which determines whether or not your profile will appear in search results when members use the search feature. You have complete control over who can find you. You can also choose to show or hide your first name in your profile. Your usename is always visible, and your last name will never be shown.

TripJammin does not collect personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. The email address that you use to sign up is never shown to other users, and it's only used to inform you of messages coming directly from TripJammin.

Find Locals & Travelers

To match your trips and search for other travelers and locals, use the "Find Locals & Travelers" option in the main menu. The search page allows you to:

  • Search for another member by their username.
  • Find other people who are going on a trip or cruise that you have already created
  • Find people who are going to a specific destination, or ANY destination, when you're planning a trip
  • Find people who are going on a specific cruise, or ANY cruise, when you're planning a cruise
  • Find locals who live in a destination that you're planning on visiting, or close by
  • Find people who will be traveling to YOUR city, or close by
  • Find people who live near you, or close by
  • Use specific search criteria when searching for people...such as age range, languages they speak, relationship status, sexual orientation, who they're traveling with, etc.

View and Add Recommendations for Venues/Places/Businesses in Any City

The Recommendation features allow you to find and view recommendations for accommodations, restaurants/bars, nightclubs, organized tours/events, must-see places, taxi services, and other businesses/services in any city... and add your own recommendations for the places you like.

To manage your own recommendations, simply click on "My Recommendations" in the main menu, where you can view, edit, and delete your recommendations.

If you own (or work for) an accommodation, restaurant/bar, nightclub, organized tour/event, must-see place, or taxi service, why not recommend it yourself? It's free publicity for your business!

View and Contribute to the Vacation Photo Gallery!

The Vacation Photo Gallery allows you to view other members' vacation photos in a gallery featuring scenic pics, group/friends pics, couples pics, selfies, and funny pics...and you can upload your own photos in each of these categories.

Clicking on any photo in the gallery enlarges it in the slideshow viewer and shows extra information...a description, where it was taken, and who shared it. If you have a question or comment about the photo, just follow the link to their profile and message them!

Manage Your Messages

TripJammin has full messaging capabilities, complete with an Inbox, Outbox (sent messages), and conversation view. By clicking the "Send Message" button in any user's profile, or through the Inbox and Outbox, you'll be brought to the conversation view where you can start or continue conversations.

When you receive new messages, you'll be notified with an indicator beside the Inbox link in the main menu, and by email (if you have that Site Option enabled).

Manage Your Account

To manage your account options, click on your username link at the top of the page. The account options allow you to:

  • Change your account password
  • Change your account email
  • Remove your account/profile

Manage Your Site Options

To manage your site options, click on "My Options" at the top of the page. The site options allow you to:

  • Specify who can contact you, based on criteria such as age range and gender
  • Set whether or not you'd like to receive emails when you receive a new message from another TripJammin member

Other Cool Features

  • When you view another member's profile, you can toggle between viewing their profile details and their list of trips
  • You can add other members to "My Favorite Members", which gives you easy access to your favorite members
  • In member profiles and search results, where you see a city/region/country location, the country is a clickable link where you can read all about the country in Wikipedia
  • In member profiles and search results with destination locations, you can view the location of the city in a Google map integrated in the page

Happy Trails!