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"Wherever you are and wherever you plan on going, TripJammin connects you with other travelers AND locals for new friends, travel buddies, activity partners, and even romance...and helps you find recommended venues in any city."

Why / How to use TripJammin

TripJammin is 100% free, and it's for, couples and families, travelers and non-travelers, younger and older. It's all about meeting people whether you're at home, in another city, away on vacation, or planning a future trip. The intuitive "Find Locals & Travelers" feature matches your destinations with other travelers and locals, with a variety of options, so you can meet people no matter where you go. Click here to sign up's easy! After you sign up, you'll have access to a full menu with all the cool features.

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Going somewhere? You can:

  • Meet people taking the same trip or cruise as you, before you even go

  • Meet people that live where you're going (or close by), before you even go

  • Meet nearby locals and other travelers while you're away on vacation or in another city

  • Plan your trips by finding out when and where other people are going, or who else is going to a destination you have in mind

Staying at home? You can:

  • Meet people that live in your city (or close by)

  • Meet people who are traveling to your city (or close by)

  • Communicate with people in different cities all over the world

Recommended Venues & Businesses

You can search for recommended accommodations, restaurants/bars, nightclubs, organized tours/events, must-see places, taxi services, and other businesses/services in any city... and add your own recommendations for the places you like.

If you're involved with a venue or business, you can recommend it just like everyone else!

Vacation Photo Gallery

You can view and upload photos in the Vacation Photo Gallery, featuring five different categories... scenic pics, group/friends pics, couples pics, selfies, and funny pics.

Add your favorite vacation pics and get noticed!

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